An unprecedented history. An unprecedented history.

An unprecedented history.

35 checks to pass. Motorcycles chosen and certified by expert technicians. Specialised assistance using exclusively Ducati original spare parts. Roadside service throughout Europe. A 12-month warranty, transferable in case of sale. No mileage limits during the warranty period. Thanks to the Ducati Approved certified pre-owned programme, you enter the world of Ducati with the certainty of its quality and just one thought: enjoying your new motorcycle. Only the best motorcycles can start a new history. Unprecedented.

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The Ducati standard for Pre-owned bikes.


The Ducati standard for Pre-owned bikes.

Ducati entrusts the work to qualified Ducati Service technicians who select and inspect every bike, certifying its history and guaranteeing its future. Only a bike less than 6 years old, with certified mileage lower than 30,000 miles and that has passed 35 rigorous technical checks can be certified as Ducati Approved.

Program advantages:

  • Certified Mileage, lower than 30,000 miles

    Only a bike less than 6 years old and with certified mileage lower than 30,000 miles can be certified as Ducati Approved.

  • Ducati Approved Checklist

    To be certified, each motorcycle must pass 35 checks carried out by qualified Ducati Service technicians.

  • Specialised assistance provided by Ducati Service and use of original spare parts

    All the peace of mind and convenience of specialised assistance by the official Ducati network.

  • RAC 24/7 Roadside Assistance in the UK and throughout Europe

    Complete service 24/7/365 including, among other things, roadside service, towing and passenger transport. LEARN MORE



We put our signature on every Ducati Approved motorcycle.

Only motorcycles less than 6 years old and with a total mileage of up to 30,000 miles can become a Ducati Approved certified pre-owned bike. To be certified, each motorcycle must pass 35 checks carried out by qualified Ducati Service technicians.



Protection against any unexpected event.

When choosing a Ducati Approved motorcycle, you choose the certainty of having Ducati always at your side. The warranty covers the bike for 12 months. Costs of materials and labour will be covered by your dealer without any advance payment on your part.

Some examples of the components covered by the policy:

  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Water pump
  • Oil pump
  • Throttle body
  • Lambda sensor
  • Radiator
  • Oil cooler
  • Control units
  • Instrument panel
  • Generator
  • Starter motor
  • Thermostat
  • ABS system
  • Electronic suspensions for electric or electronic faults
  • Front fork
  • Steering bearings
  • Rear swinging arm
  • Swinging arm bearings
  • Wheel bearings
  • Brake master cylinders
  • Brake callipers
  • Frame
Pre-owned Ducati motorcycles

Pre-owned Ducati motorcycles

Find your Ducati Approved bike on the official Ducati Pre-owned website

Pre-owned Ducati Motorcycles
  • 1Check of all mileage scheduled maintenance
  • 2Indication of the next scheduled maintenance
  • 3Check of the presence of non-approved components installed
  • 4Check of non-original Ducati components installed
  • 5The motorcycle is conforming to the law prevailing in the country of use
  • 6Check of absence of possible impacts or tampering signs on the motorcycle
  • 7The motorcycle has never had accidents according to the last owner
  • 8Check of the completeness of supplied kit, on-board tools and owner's manual
  • 9Check of key operation and steering lock enabling
  • 10Read of the control unit error memory and check whether any update is available for control unit software (if possible)
  • 11Check of the presence of any recall campaigns
  • 12Setting of time in instrument panel and check of units correct setting according to the country specific version
  • 13Check of engine oil level
  • 14Check of the absence of leaks from the engine
  • 15Check of the coolant level and the absence of leaks from the cooling system
  • 16Check of the front and rear brake fluid level and proper operation
  • 17Check of brake disc and pad wear (>70%)
  • 18Check of the clutch fluid level and proper operation
  • 19Lubrication of the levers at the handlebar and pedal controls
  • 20Visual check of the front fork and rear shock absorber seals
  • 21Visual check of the fuel lines
  • 22Check of rubbing points, clearance, freedom of movement and positioning of hoses and electric wiring in view
  • 23Check final drive wear
  • 24Check of front and rear wheel shaft tightening
  • 25Check of the front and rear brake calliper retaining screws tightening
  • 26Check of the front and rear brake disc and phonic wheels retaining screws tightening
  • 27Check of final drive chain tension and lubrication
  • 28Check of front and rear wheel bearings and steering bearings
  • 29Check of tyre pressure and wear (Minimum limit by law is 1 mm, Recommended minimum is 2 mm)
  • 30Check of the battery charge level
  • 31Check of the operation of electrical safety devices
  • 32Check of lighting, turn indicators, horn and controls
  • 33Road test to check the correct operation of the safety devices (e.g. ABS and DTC), electric fans, idle operation, gearbox and clutch and absence of uncommon noise from the engine
  • 34Complete cleaning of the motorcycle
  • 35Fuel filling up until the reserve warning light turns off
RAC Roadside Assistance

Where others won't go

Wherever you want to go in Europe and throughout the duration of the warranty, you can ride with peace of mind. The RAC coverage included in the Ducati Approved programme offers complete assistance 24/7/365, covering:

  • Roadside service and towing
  • Passenger transport following roadside service
  • Return home of passengers or continuation of journey
  • Recovery of the repaired motorcycle
  • Return of the motorcycle from abroad (in Europe))
  • Finding and sending spare parts in Europe
  • Hotel charges
  • Retrival of the motorcycle from off the road in case of accident
  • Advance payment of bail abroad

In case of malfunction, injury or accident when riding a Ducati Approved bike, you can always feel protected, even during longer, more complex trips.